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31 December 2011 @ 12:21 am
Through extensive research of ancient texts, such as Tibetan Book of the Dead, ancient egyptian teaching rituals, priesthood rituals, etc; the physiology and anatomical design of the pineal gland; personal encounters with experienced DMT users; interviews with a close friend, whom I fully trust with no skeptism, describing lucid dreaming and its effects; near-death experiences; third-eye knowledge; and a variety of journals and other studies, I firmly believe without even a slight doubt that this realm of existence is in fact a lower level dimension, and that the human INDIVIDUAL holds an IMMENSE amount of power within his/her mind.  Such great power we hold in our thought.  Thought manifests in reality.  The bonds and synchronicities are REAL.  I firmly believe this.  Lucid dreaming is a way to allow the mind to learn to manifest its thoughts into a perceived normal reality.  Be it through physicality, emotional experience, sensuality, spiritual experience, etc.  The mind is the greatest power in our world.  We can control our entire lives by conquering the mind and controlling our thought processes.  Their are beings who will come to you in REM lucidity.  They can help you, but you must not be afraid of them.  Fear will render the progress made useless, and a repetition must follow in order to excel.  They will show you exactly how to control your dreams through grave control of the mind.  Extensive exercises and interactions occur.  What I say is true.  They exist, it is up to you, your love for self, your acceptance of self and actions, and your projection of these onto others can increase your probability to experience such.
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cordialclaritycordialclarity on December 31st, 2011 06:30 am (UTC)
Through my personal experience I have realized that the gravity of these experiences is life-changing in ways that will not allow an individual to return to ignorance. This is sometimes very frightening to the unconscious and thus fear is induced, heart reate will increase slightly, and the experience will end. Terrifying to see a being that can conceive everything you think, and sometimes it is difficult to overcome this fear. Yet, after many days of intense, attentive concentration and rigorous routine practice, the lucidity of my dreaming became more controllable, more advanced. And then, I would remember interactions such as tossing a pencil back and forth, asking me to stay underwater for longer than humanly possible, etc. If the fear overcame, then it would end and become very difficult to remember after fleeting moments. I believe in my heart these divine interactions were not of my individual mind. Not in any experience of life have I seen such as these. I fully believe they are real now.